Join us as we explore comfort foods from around the globe with our 2022 Passport to Flavor culinary tour. Whether your idea of comfort is a savory soup, a salty snack, or a decadent dessert, you’re sure to find a dish that hits the spot.

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Perhaps no other combination of meat and vegetables best represents the cooking of northern Greece more than the duet of leeks and pork, which appears in pies, sausages, ground meat dishes, and main courses alike. Tigania (Greek pan-fried pork) is a classic example of this beloved combination.

When it comes to desserts, pastries and cakes are a tried-and-true favorite in Greece. Coming from the shores of Crete, Portokalopita (orange cake) takes advantage of the orange trees that dot the island. This moist yogurt cake is speckled with bits of phyllo, flavored with tangy mandarin oranges and finished with an orange and cinnamon simple syrup.

Did You Know?

The main cherry variety grown in Greece is the Burlat, known for its dark red color and sweet flavor.


Kleftiko (Roasted Lamb in Parchment)

This classic slow roasted lamb shoulder is cooked in parchment paper with potatoes and aromatics and is usually served at special occasions. An addition of stone fruit like peaches adds a touch of sweetness and Dole freshness.

Portokalopita (Orange Cake)

A decadent yogurt cake speckled with bits of phyllo and flavored with oranges and finished with an orange and cinnamon simple syrup.

Tigania (Greek Pan-Fried Pork)

Savory chunks of pork shoulder are pan-fried then simmered in a flavorful white wine and mandarin citrus sauce with the addition of sweet, dark cherries.



A food that is loved by many, pancakes can be found in different variations across the world, including the Netherlands. Poffertjes (mini pancakes) are one of the most popular Dutch recipes. Made with a yeast-based batter, this bite-sized puff is a common street food during holidays and summer festivals.

As the weather gets colder, locals turn to Zaanse Mosterdsoep (Dutch Mustard Soup) for a rich and savory dish to fight off the winter chill. This cream-based soup incorporates spiced apples, mustard, and leeks, garnished with green onion and crispy bacon.

Did You Know?

The Netherlands is the second largest exporter of avocados in the world.

Costa Rica

Blackberry Poffertjes (Mini Pancakes)

One of the most popular Dutch food items, these are small buckwheat and yeast pancakes, griddled in an iron skillet, and served with melted butter, dusted with powdered sugar, and smothered in blackberry-maple syrup.

Huzarensalade (Dutch Potato Salad)

A creamy and delicious potato salad featuring diced ham, potatoes, apples, peas, pickles, onions and eggs.

Zaanse Mostardsoep (Dutch Mustard Soup)

A savory cream-based soup spiced with apples, mustard and leeks, then garnished with green onions and bacon.



A land known for its love of cabbage and potatoes; Poland is home to many hearty dishes such as pierogies and stuffed cabbage rolls. While the fillings can vary by season, you’ll typically find hearty meats such as pork and beef, which benefit greatly from the addition of fruits and fresh herbs.

Another classic comfort food is sandwiches. In Poland you’ll find a particular sandwich that takes comfort food to another level. This open-faced sandwich is loaded with cheese and grilled under a broiler for that crispy and melty combination that is oh-so satisfying. Our version incorporates tomato, pineapple, mushroom, ham, onion and smoked Gouda for a twist on a Hawaiian pizza style sandwich.


Hawaiian Zapiekanka (Hawaiian Style Open Faced Sandwich)

A crispy baguette served open faced, topped with a savory sauce of tomato, pineapple and mushroom, smoked gouda cheese, sliced ham and red onion, grilled under a broiler and finished with pineapple ketchup and cracked black pepper.

St. Martin’s Roll

A flaky apple-filled croissant coated with vanilla cinnamon glaze and topped with a sprinkling of chopped nuts and raisins. Perfect as an afternoon snack or late morning treat.

Cherry Glazed Pork Golabki (Stuffed Cabbage Rolls)

Steamed cabbage leaves stuffed with seasoned rice and minced pork, marinated in the juice of sweet dark cherries, topped with a tart tomato and cherry sauce.

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