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Dole Passport to Flavor is back with an array of stunning new recipes from around the globe.

While each recipe introduces a unique take on a regional favorite, they all have one thing in common – no added sugars, but that doesn’t mean we’re skipping the sweetness.

As part of our Sweetened by Sunshine platform, we’re focusing on recipes that utilize the natural sweetness of DOLE Fruit to complement and enhance some of our favorite global-inspired dishes.

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The cuisine of Cyprus can be characterized as well-seasoned, but not spicy. Instead you’ll find a heavy use of fruits including cherries, peaches, mandarins and more across all dayparts – breakfast, desserts and entrées.

While the food of Cyprus is quite similar to the majority of Greece, the region offers its own unique take on many traditional Greek foods. For instance, while halloumi cheese is found throughout the country, the halloumi you’ll find in Cyprus is often unique as it comes from the milk of local thyme-fed goats for a distinct, herbal flavor.

Greek Yogurt, not only popular in Greece, but now all over the world, is the thickest, most nutrient-dense yogurt there is.

Included on the menu of nearly every Greek restaurant, Halloumi is a semi-hard cheese with a subtly tangy flavor that has shown a menu growth of 33% over the past 4 years.

Datassential 4-Year Menu Growth, 2022

Tiropita is a cheese-filled pastry made with buttery, flaky phyllo dough.

This recipe includes juicy mango cubes for a sweet and savory experience.

Typically roasted whole, branzino is a mild white fish with a flaky texture and slightly sweet flavor.

This fish pairs beautifully with the bright and tangy flavor of Dole Peaches.

This Cypriot stew is a staple comfort food in Greece traditionally featuring beef.

For a modern, plant-based take, we’ve utilized DOLE Jackfruit as a flavorful and succulent meat substitute.


A land adorned with vineyards and citrus groves, the food culture of Italy is one that believes in letting the ingredients of a dish shine. While these dishes may seem simple, they are not only incredibly flavorful, but beautifully executed.

When it comes to Sicilian cuisine, refinement is key. Each ingredient has a purpose. Fruit is often used in Sicilian cuisine as it offers a flavor that is complementary without being overpowering, helping to bring balance to each dish.

Across Sicily, locals and visitors enjoy granita not only at breakfast but throughout the day, paired with a meal or enjoyed as a mid-afternoon snack.

(Datassential, 2022.)

Inspired by Sicily’s most famous food; arancini is a cheesy and crispy ball of fried risotto rice, that can be stuffed with any number of foods.

We’ve chosen the intoxicating combination of apple, mozzarella and saffron.

Ready for an Italian take on sashimi? Tuna Crudo is exactly that,

featuring thin-sliced sushi grade tuna with a vibrant mandarin-infused salad and pistachios for a bit of crunch.

Seafood popularity is on the rise with 41% of consumers seeking out more seafood in 2022.*

Sicily is famous for its large, red prawns, which we’ve paired with a fragrant combination of saffron, cherry, mango and Calabrian chili oil for heat.

IRI Report, 2022.

40% of consumers say they like their dips and sauces to have international flavor profiles.*

Our Charred Pineapple-Olive Tapenade delivers with a sweet and briny combination of garlic, olives, herbs and charred pineapple.

T.Hasegawa 2022 Food & Beverage Trends

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