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Dole Passport to Flavor is back with an array of stunning new recipes from around the globe.

While each recipe introduces a unique take on a regional favorite, they all have one thing in common – no added sugars, but that doesn’t mean we’re skipping the sweetness.

As part of our Sweetened by Sunshine platform, we’re focusing on recipes that utilize the natural sweetness of DOLE Fruit to complement and enhance some of our favorite global-inspired dishes.

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If you could only use two words to characterize California cuisine – it would be freshness and fusion. The cuisine of this region shows an affinity for simple concepts, elevated with the infusion of cooking techniques from various cultures.

When it comes to fruit, many categorize fresh as meaning raw produce, but our California recipe collection is here to show that you can achieve that fresh, just-picked flavor using frozen fruit. Because frozen fruit is picked at peak ripeness and quick-frozen, both the flavor and nutrients of the fruit are sealed in, which means consistent quality and flavor in every bite – and as a bonus, there’s no prep!

Avocado Toast hit the food scene in 2017 and is continuing to grow +185% on US Menus.

(Datassential 4-Year Menu Growth)

Burrata is an Italian cheese with a creamy center that is often served melted atop pizza.

If you love shrimp, chances are you’ll love prawns – a slightly larger, sweeter shellfish that is liked/love by 74% of those who have tried it.

(Datassential, 2022.)

Togarashi is a staple spice blend in Japan that is making its way to US Menus with a growth of +29%.

(Datassential, 2022.)

A west-coast favorite, fish tacos have grown +20% on US Menus since 2012.

(Datassential, 2022.)


When you take a look at the geography of Ecuador, it’s easy to see how its diverse landscape is reflected in the food culture. While fresh seafood is prominent throughout Ecuador, it’s especially adored in the humid coastal lowlands. In the colder, more mountainous areas, you’ll find an abundance of soups and stews, which are often very produce-centric.

While plantains are currently growing in popularity throughout the US, this starchy, versatile fruit is a staple in Ecuadorian cuisine and can be found in stews and side dishes, with one of the more popular applications being patacones – or smashed fried plantains.

Looking to make a dish like octopus more approachable? Pair it with a flavor you know consumers love, like mango – liked or loved by 80%.

(Datassential, 2022.)

Creating vegetarian dishes doesn’t have to be complicated. This traditional Ecuadorian stew replaces beef with jackfruit for a seamless substitute.

40% of consumers are seeking sauces with more international flavor profiles*, this Ecuadorian-inspired dish delivers just that.

Mintel. 2022 Food & Beverage Trends

An herbaceous sauce made up of olive oil, parsley, vinegar oregano and garlic, chimichurri is a staple condiment in Ecuadorian cuisine that you’ll find aside almost every meat dish.

Pistou is an herb-forward sauce similar to the more well-known pesto, however it lacks pine nuts. Our version offers a punch of citrus flavor with the addition of pineapple.

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