What's Trending?

Industry insights and growing demands to help you renew your menu.

Functional Ingredients

More than 2 in 5 consumers are very or extremely interested in functional beverages and 80% are at least somewhat interested.

Plant Based

This trend is breaking records with +3.298.6% growth on US Menus over the last 4 years.

Immunity Boost

78% of consumers believe their diet has a major impact on how well their body fights disease. Leading to an increased demand for menu items made with immunity-boosting ingredients.

Source Datassential, 2021.

Ingredients on the Rise

Making a bold impact on menus, Dragon Fruit is projected to grow +123.9%.

Prepared in many fashions, Mocktails are making a splash a projected growth of +149.6% across menus.

With a projected growth of 128.6%, Turmeric offers recipe versatility.

Taking breakfast menus to a new level with Breakfast Bowls growing by + 165.7%.

Source: Datassential SNAP 4-Year Menu Growth, 2022.

Best of Breakfast

Discover the flavors that are making an impact on breakfast menus.


Cranberry +24.7%
Banana Nut +19.6%
Blueberry +17%
Apple +9.1%


Dragon Fruit +150%
Pumpkin +125%
Avocado +68%
Blueberry +26.2%


Maple +41%
Strawberry +22%
Banana +15%
Berry +14%


Blueberry +29%
Chocolate +20%
Banana +20
Strawberry +16%

Breakfast Items*

Avocado Toast +693.1%
Chicken and Waffles +95.5%
Waffle +14.6%
Banana Foster +11.3%

Breakfast Bakery Items*

Brioche +63.3%
Biscuit +14.2%
Banana Bread +12.1%
Donut +11.9%

*Datassential SNAP™ 4-Year Menu Growth, 2021.
**Datassential SNAP™ Most Commonly Paired Flavors, 2021.