Jack(fruit) of All Trades

The miracle fruit that doubles as the perfect meat replacement.

Did You Know?

Young green jackfruit provides a more neutral flavor to allow for more versatility in the kitchen. It’s also the ideal texture for meat alternative or plant-based recipes.

Jackfruit is often called a miracle fruit because it can take on any flavor you pair it with, allowing for a multitude of menu opportunities. Think tacos, stews, stir-fry, bbq and even sushi; jackfruit can do it all

Preparing jackfruit from fresh is no easy feat and can take over 30 minutes for just one whole jackfruit. We’ve taken the prep out of the equation with 100% ready-to-use, perfectly shredded jackfruit.

We use a light brine for our packing medium, which not only provides a superior flavor but also helps deliver a more tender texture when cooked.

Packaged in a 95 oz. BPA-free recyclable can, one can of DOLE Jackfruit cooks down to a 6” deep #6 pan.

Try it in your kitchen!

Get to Know:

What is a jackfruit? How do you prepare it? What dishes can you make with it? Chef James has the answers.

DEBUNKING Plant-Based Myths

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Menu Inspiration

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