Campus Fruit Solutions

We understand the importance of having on-campus dining solutions that are convenient and affordable, while also appealing to student preferences.

That’s why we’re consistently working to develop products that meet operational needs, while capitalizing on emerging trends.

Trend #1

41% of students follow a diet that limits or eliminates their consumption of animal products.

Source: Datassential “College & University: Keynote Report” 2021.

Jackfruit Gyro with Avocado Tzatziki Sauce made with DOLE Jackfruit
DOLE Jackfruit


DOLE® Shredded Young Green Jackfruit in Brine

A versatile meat alternative that can replace chicken, beef or pork.
  • Pre-shredded for labor savings
  • Neutral color and flavor profile
  • Takes on the color and flavor of any seasoning or marinade

Trend #2

74% of students are interested in build-your-own options when dining on campus.

Source: Datassential “College & University: Keynote Report” 2021.

Dole Smoothie Bowl
Meet our Newest Flavors


DOLE Chef-Ready Cuts

The perfect solution for build your own or made to order concepts. No prep required.
  • Washed, prepped, and ready-to-use
  • 100% usable fruit, zero product waste
  • 2-year frozen shelf life^

^Bananas have a 1-year frozen shelf-life

Trend #3

Students report purchasing at least 4 snacks a week on-campus.

Source: Datassential “College & University: Keynote Report” 2021.


When it comes to nutritious, grab n’ go snacking solutions, Dole has a variety of options to choose from.
Dole Good Crunch

DOLE Good Crunch

A plant-positive snack bursting with irresistible flavor and crunch.

DOLE Wiggles® Fruit Juice Gels

This delicious fruit gel is made with 100% fruit juice, and no gelatin.

100% Fruit Juice From Concentrate And Other Natural Ingredients

DOLE Fruit Bowls® Snacks & Parfaits

A ripe and ready single-serve fruit solution with a variety for everyone.

DOLE Smoothie Bowls®

A deliciously dairy-free frozen treat, made with real fruit purée.

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