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Dole Passport to Flavor is back with an array of stunning new recipes from around the globe.

While each recipe introduces a unique take on a regional favorite, they all have one thing in common – no added sugars, but that doesn’t mean we’re skipping the sweetness.

As part of our Sweetened by Sunshine platform, we’re focusing on recipes that utilize the natural sweetness of DOLE Fruit to complement and enhance some of our favorite global-inspired dishes.

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Hong Kong

While the food scene in Hong Kong has evolved greatly throughout the centuries, the popularity of street food has not waivered. What started out as simple street fare of noodles, rice and pastries being sold in roadside food stalls, has grown to incorporate a wide range of flavors and concepts inspired by both Eastern and Western culture.

Many of the dishes you’ll see in our collection are inspired by street food favorites that have roots based in the early days of Hong Kong food culture, and have been elevated throughout the years to include new and exciting flavors.

Chili Crisp, a condiment made up of Sichuan peppercorns, spices, nuts, fried onions,and garlic has grown +1,798% on US Menus since 2018.

Bubble Waffles are known for their light and airy texture and crisp outer coating. This tasty treat got its’ start on the streets of Hong Kong.

French Toast is one of the top 3 most popular breakfast items on US Menus.

(Datassential, 2022.)

Char siu is a Cantonese style of barbecued pork, marinated in spices and sauces to create a bright red color. We’ve taken this technique and applied it to jackfruit for a vegan-friendly version.

Chicken is the #1 sandwich protein on US Menus, and it’s clear why. 81% of consumers like or love fried chicken.

(Datassential, 2022.)


While the cuisine of Singapore is made up of a diverse blend of Chinese, Eurasian, and Indian influences, a few staple ingredients reign supreme – noodles, rice and seafood. You’ll see these ingredients throughout many of our feature recipes.

Another common characteristic of Singapore cuisine is spice, with most local favorites having an element of heat. We’ve taken some of these Singapore classics and incorporated fruit for a bit of natural sweetness that not only brightens up the dish, but balances out those spicy flavors.

Satay is a popular Indonesian style of street food, featuring seasoned, skewered and grilled meat, traditionally served with a peanut sauce.

It’s no secret, consumers love noodles. While Singapore Rice Noodles are still fairly new to the American food scene, 58% of those who have tried it like or love it.

(Datassential, 2022.)

Chili-crab is the most popular seafood dish among locals in Singapore since the 1950’s.

Bak Kut-Teh is a traditional pork rib soup from Singapore often eaten during breakfast. This concept kicks it up with a portable twist.

(Datassential, 2022.)

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