This year’s journey will take us to 12 new destinations as we explore the rich food culture of India, Jamaica, Egypt and more. The culinary team at Dole Packaged Foods has developed a collection of 38 plant-forward regional dishes, utilizing trending ingredients that deliver bold flavors, bright colors and high consumer appeal. So once again it’s time to pack your (virtual) bags as we get ready to explore our second destination – Europe.

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Balkan Peninsula

Flavors from the Balkan Peninsula

Characterized by simple but bold flavors, the cuisine of the Balkan Peninsula has been influenced by the many people who have passed through and reside in this region. Most notable are the influences of the Turkish Ottoman Empire, who ruled the region for 500 years. One Turkish tradition that hold true today is Meze, an array of appetizers and drinks served to guests. While the appetizers served vary by region, pork items such as sausage, salami and ham are considered a staple throughout.

Adding to the Balkans diversity, is the location of the region. From Greece, the neighbors to the north, comes the heat and various spices you’ll see in many Balkan dishes. While hearty soups and stews are also popular dishes, stemming from Hungary to the south. Another delicious contribution from Hungary is the Dobos torta, a layered sponge cake that was invented by Hungarian confectioner Jozsef C. Dobos, but quickly became popular throughout Europe.

Dobos Torta (Cake)


A delicate 6 layer sponge cake infused with mandarin juice, filled with layers of chocolate butter cream, topped with caramel brittle and roasted walnuts.

Pork and Potato Moussaka


A simple, savory dish consisting of layers of ground pork, russet potatoes yellow onions and golden pineapple tidbits topped with a creamy yogurt sauce and baked to caramelized perfection.

Balkan Beauty Twist


A sweet and refreshing cocktail with flavors of tangy pineapple and sweet mango, infused with a bit of brandy, a dash of orange bitters and a squeeze of fresh lime juice.

South Korea

Flavors from Italy

A region that is known for its great love of food and feasts, Italian cuisine has greatly evolved throughout the centuries. From their Roman ancestors came a fusion of ingredients, stemming from the lands they had conquered; including spices from the Middle East, seafood from the Mediterranean and grains from Northern Africa. This array of available ingredients led to innovation in the kitchen and some of our most beloved Italian foods such as tiramisu, risotto and a vast selection of pasta dishes.

While these traditional dishes are still commonplace throughout the region, in recent years there has been a push towards fusion cuisine. Combining the flavors and cooking techniques of various cultures throughout the world.

Rotini in Trapanese Mango Pesto


A traditional rotini pasta with sun-dried tomatoes, ripe mango cubes and red chili flakes tossed with a flavorful trapanese mango pesto.

Tropical Panna Cotta


A beautiful, velvety dessert with a rich cream base topped with vibrant layers of tropical gelee and mango compote.

Pineapple Passione (Aperitivo from Torino)


A combination of refreshing pineapple, orange and lime mixed with an Italian citrus soda and vodka for a truly beautiful cocktail, finished with a mint sprig and a skewer or mandarin oranges for added flair.


Flavors from Sweden

The climate of Sweden, specifically its characteristically long and cold winters led its inhabitants to turn to preserving meat, fish and produce by salting, curing and dehydrating. While these methods are no longer needed, they are still often practiced in Sweden, particularly when it comes to fish. Also contributing to Swedish cuisine is the region’s array of seasonal fruits and traditionally rich and creamy sauces.

Another distinct characteristic of Swedish cuisine, is their affinity for culinary innovation. While traditional dishes such as meatballs, pickled herring and dumplings are abundant, you’ll also find some unique flavor combinations. One of the most infamous is a Swedish take on pizza known as Pizza Africana; combining bananas, curry powder and pizza to create a truly one-of-a-kind culinary experience.

Skagen Toast (Citrus Glaze Shrimp Toast)


Tiny baby shrimp folded into creamy mayonnaise and sour cream dressing, seasoned with pineapple tidbits, diced red onions and dill, served on crispy crostini, and garnished with fresh dill spring and tangy lemon and pineapple glaze.

Tunnbrodsrulle (Swedish Hot Dog Wrap)


A light and airy naan bread filled with savory pork sausage, dill mashed potatoes, dehydrated mango cubes and topped with a flavorful mango ketchup.

Africana Pizza


Crispy hearth-baked pizza with ooey gooey mozzarella cheese topped with pineapple tidbits, sliced banana, crushed peanuts, and curry spice.

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