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This year’s journey will take us to 12 new destinations as we explore the rich food culture of India, Jamaica, Egypt and more. The culinary team at Dole Packaged Foods has developed a collection of 38 plant-forward regional dishes, utilizing trending ingredients that deliver bold flavors, bright colors and high consumer appeal. So once again it’s time to pack your (virtual) bags as we get ready to explore our first destination – Asia.

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Flavors from India

With a rich history, dating back thousands of years, Indian cuisine is known for its distinct spice blends and enticing aromas. However, Indian cuisine varies greatly across the country. While Northern India highly utilizes flatbreads, southern India more commonly uses rice. Near the coastal regions, you will find a heavy use of fish, while the more mountainous regions often utilize chicken and mutton. Religion plays a key role in this region’s culinary faire as well. Many Hindus avoid beef, while Muslims avoid pork, and others – particularly Buddhists – are vegetarian, avoiding meat altogether.

The recipes we’ve chosen to highlight comes from three distinct regions. The first is indori poha, a delicious rice dish popular in Indore- the most populous and largest city in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. Next is dahi chura, a traditional breakfast most commonly found in the east Indian state of Bihar. We finish with fajeto, an aromatic, mango-based curry that originated in Gurat, on the western coast of India.

Fajeto (Mango Curry Soup)

West India-Gujarat

A hot, tangy soup sweetened with ripe mango and jaggery, cooked with ground turmeric, fresh ginger, chiles, clove, and cinnamon and garnished with cilantro leaves. Served with steamed rice.

Indori Poha

Central India-Indore

A sweet and spicy street snack made of flattened rice cooked with fennel seeds, garam masala, green chiles, fresh ginger, garlic, onions and ground turmeric, finished with tropical fruit and cilantro leaves.

Dahi Chura

East India-Bihar

A traditional Bihari breakfast of flattened rice soaked in milk, then mixed with yogurt, jaggery, mango cubes, ground cardamom and chopped nuts.

South Korea

Flavors from South Korea

Surrounded by three seas, the Korean peninsula provides access to a variety of fresh seafood, as well as fertile soil for growing rice, soybeans and other grains. Red-meat is rarely used in Korean cuisine as it’s not only scarce, but expensive. Instead you will find a heavy use of vegetables as well as cooking techniques that include stir-frying, steaming and braising.

On this leg of our culinary journey we dive into three regional favorites, starting with a unique take on a familiar dish- sweet and sour pork. The secret to this one is in the sauce, which gets an added boost of flavor with DOLE Pineapple Juice. Next we take on bingsoo- a trending dessert, known both for its decadent flavor and visual appeal. This dish is made with finely shaved milk ice and piled high with various toppings. We finish up with a Korean classic- strawberry milk. While this simple but delicious beverage can be made with just strawberry, milk and sugar, our version gets an upgrade with a delectable strawberry vanilla jam.

Strawberry Milk

South Korea-Seoul

Sliced strawberries cooked down with sugar and vanilla until jammy and swirled into a tall glass filled with ice, whole milk and diced strawberries. Garnished with fresh whipped cream and crushed dehydrated strawberries.

Tangsuyuk (Korean Sweet & Sour Pork)

South Korea-Seoul

Double fried pieces of pork smothered in a Korean style sweet & sour sauce made with pineapple chunks, mango, onion, carrots and bell peppers.

Mango Bingsoo

South Korea-Seoul

A traditional Korean shaved ice dessert topped with sweet mango chunks, mochi, mango ice cream, whipped cream, waffle cone pieces and mango infused evaporated milk drizzle.


Flavors from Japan

Made up of about 3,000 islands, Japan accounts for approximately 8% of all fish caught in the world. This abundance of access to fresh fish along with a ban on eating meat, which arose in the A.D. 700s due to an increase in Buddhism, led to one of Japan’s most infamous and beloved dishes- sushi. Other staple ingredients from the region include rice, noodles and dumplings.

A must try dish in Japan is gyoza, or Japanese pan-fried dumplings. Our take on this ubiquitous regional favorite includes a spicy Chili Blackberry Soy dipping sauce that brings the perfect balance of sweetness and spice, which pairs beautifully with the savory pork filling. Other featured recipes from this region include fruit-inspired twists on okonomiyaki- a Japanese savory pancake and another fan favorite- ramen.

Umeboshi & Blackberry Pork Gyoza


Pickled Japanese sour plums and blackberries mixed into a pork filling then stuffed into gyoza wrappers. Steamed and served with a chili-blackberry soy dipping sauce.

Hiroshima Style Okonomiyaki


A Japanese style savory pancake made with shredded cabbage, bean sprouts yakisoba noodles, sliced firm tofu and a fried egg topped with a sweet and savory okonomiyaki sauce made from peach juice. Finished with a drizzle of Kewpie mayo, green onions, aonori dried seaweed and griddled peach slices.

Vegetarian Pineapple Shio Ramen


A traditional shio ramen stock infused with the sweet and tart flavor of pineapple topped with pineapple pieces, pineapple braised jackfruit, soft boiled soy egg, chili threads and nori.

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