Pineapple Belongs on Pizza

Pineapple is a Top 10 Pizza Ingredient.

-Datassential SNAP™ 2019.

DOLE® 29 oz. Canned Pineapple Free Sample Offer

  • High Quality Fruit
  • Vibrant Color and Tastemakers
  • Consistent Tidbit Cuts

Choosing the Right Cut

The perfect bite-size burst of flavor.

A wider surface area for perfect artisan pineapple without lifting a knife.

An eye-catching option that guarantees vibrant pineapple flavor in every bite.

Choosing the Right Packing Medium

In Light Syrup
For a light oven carmelization with just-right sweetness.

In Heavy Syrup
For a sweeter and thicker, more decadent experience.

100% Pineapple Juice
For a lower calorie, purely pineapple flavor.

Recipe Videos

Pineapple Sesame Pizza

Pineapple Pizza Fiamma

Did you know?

Hawaiian Pizza Jumped +689% in popularity according to 2020 order data

Source: "Americans Love Hawaiian Pizza and Grubhub Has the Receipts." The Takeout, Dec. 5,2020.

Build Your Own Pizza Kits
Tight on time? Use DOLE® Fruit Bowls® in place of canned DOLE Pineapple Tidbits