PINEAPPLE Belongs on Pizza

When life gives you pineapples, put them on pizza!

Sweet Meets SAVORY

Whether you're a fan of the classic Hawaiian pizza or looking to experiment with unique flavor combinations, Dole Pineapple ensure a premium and satisfying pizza experience.

Choosing the Right Cut


Hawaiian Pizza remains in the top 10 most Popular Pizza varieties on U.S. Menus.*

* - Datassential 2024

Sensational sidekicks

Upgrade your dining experience with unique menu additions made with DOLE Pineapple.
Sweet and Spicy Stromboli
Elevate your appetizers with a touch of tropical bliss.
Fire Grilled New Mexico Chicken & Summer Greens
Fresh greens sweetened by sunshine.
Pineapple Pock Pock Wings
Sweet meets savory in every saucy bite.

Recipe Videos

Pineapple Pizza Fiamma

Pineapple Sesame Pizza

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