Urojo Potato and Mango Soup

(2021 Pairings – Tanzania and Zanzibar – Africa & the Middle East) From Tanzania - A complex soup made from blending potatoes and mangoes, spiced with chiles and topped with fried lentil fritters, grated red mango and coconut chutney.

Urojo Potato and Mango Soup

Total TimeTotal Time: 1 hour

ServingsServings: 10


1-½ quarts whole red lentils boiled and drained well

16 each cayenne chilis seeds removed divided

½ cup onion chunked

½ cup cilantro stems minced

3 Tablespoons garlic paste divided

½ cup fenugreek leaves minced

as needed vegetable oil for frying

3 cups coconut flesh grated

8 teaspoons kosher salt divided

1-¼ cups Frozen DOLE Mango Halves grated while frozen divided

10-¼ cups water divided

½ cup whole wheat flour

½ cup chickpea flour

2 Tablespoons DOLE Chef-Ready Cuts Mango Cubes, pureed

2 teaspoons ground turmeric

1-¼ cups coconut milk

2 Tablespoons fresh lemon juice

1 teaspoon chili powder

5 Tablespoons medium Yukon Gold potatoes cut into 1 2-inch dice

20 each lentil fritters sub-recipe

3 cups mango coconut chutney sub-recipe

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  1. To Prepare Lentil Fritters:

    1. In a food processor, add the lentils, 6 cayenne chilis, the onion and half the cilantro stems. Grind to make a coarse mix.

    2. Add 1 Tablespoon garlic paste, remainder of the cilantro and the fenugreek leaves. Hand mix to form a “dough”.

    3. Place a pot of vegetable oil over a medium heat, bring up to 350°F and fry the hand shaped fritters.

  2. To Prepare Mango Coconut Chutney:

    1. In a blender, process grated coconut flesh, 2 Tablespoons salt, 10 cayenne chilis, 3/4 cup grated mango and 1/4 cup water together to make a chunky chutney.

    2. Set aside.

  3. To Prepare Soup Broth:

    1. Pour 2 quarts of water into a large pot over a medium-high heat, bring up to a simmer.

    2. While waiting for the water to come to a simmer, take a mixing bowl and add the 2 cups remaining water to the two flours and whisk to create a thick batter.

    3. When the water in the pot has come to a simmer, slowly incorporate the batter in, whisk constantly to avoid clumps.

    4. Add the mango puree, 2 Tablespoons garlic paste, turmeric, coconut milk, 2 teaspoons salt, 1/2 cup grated mango, lemon juice and chili powder and stir to properly mix.

    5. Allow the stock to then simmer for 20 minutes, stir regularly.

    6. Then add the potatoes, and cook till tender.

  4. To Serve:

    1. In a bowl, ladle the broth, be sure to get a little bit of everything, then garnish with 2 lentil fritters and a scoop of chutney.

    2. Enjoy while hot.

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