Fight Food Waste with Frozen Fruit

Quick Tips to Fight Food Waste

  1. Choosing frozen fruit is one of the simplest ways to help reduce food waste.
  2. Get creative with leftovers. Utilize excess ingredients to create an LTO daily special.
  3. Partner with local foodbanks to collect excess food surplus.

Did you Know?

Dole partners with organizations to repurpose parts of the fruit that cannot be sold. Banana stems are used as organic fertilizer, while pineapple leaves are transformed into vegan leather.

Frozen vs Fresh

Picked Perfect

Picked at peak ripeness when fruit is the most nutrient dense.

Early Pickings

Harvested early to continue ripening process throughout transit.

The Clock Stops

Flash-freezing locks in both nutrients and flavor for peak season taste.

The Clock Starts

Nutrient content continues to diminish, resulting in inconsistent and sometimes unusable fruit.

All of the Fruit

100% usable fruit, zero food waste- no peels, cores, pits or stems.

Some of the Fruit

Inconsistent quality, spoilage and fruit loss during prep all contribute to food waste.


Available year-round.


Subject to seasonal variability making for an unreliable product source.

Sit Back and Relax

Washed, prepped and ready-to-use.

Roll Up Your Sleeves

Get ready to wash, peel, core and cut.

Cut Time,


Have you taken the time to calculate your fruit costs? Discover how much you can save by making the switch to frozen.

Get a Taste of Zero Food Waste

Explore sustainable cooking tips and full recipes to help reduce food waste in your operation.