Fighting Food Waste With
Frozen Fruit

The United States is the global leader in food waste. Americans waste food every single day of the year. So, just how much is thrown away? Below are some overwhelming numbers that are sure to grab your attention.

Nearly 40% of the US food supply is wasted each year.

Approximately 219 pounds of waste per person.

Source: "Food Waste in America in 2021." RTS 2021.

80 billion lbs of food is thrown away each year in the US.

This is the equivalent of 1,000 Empire State Buildings.

Source: "Food Waste in America in 2021." RTS 2021.

Why So Much Waste?

Simply put, food spoilage is the leading cause of food waste.

How Can We Make A Change?

Utilizing frozen foods is one of the simplest ways to help reduce food waste and make a change.

Frozen Vs Fresh


The Clock Stops

Flash freezing locks in nutrients and flavor. Because freezing preserves foods, there is little need for additional additives or preservatives.


The Clock Starts

Nutrient content begins to diminish after harvest. Fresh fruit may spend up to weeks in warehouses, resulting in inconsistent and sometimes unusable fruit.


All of the Fruit

When purchasing frozen fruit you are able to utilize 100% of the product with zero food waste no peels, no cores, no pits or stems.


Some of the Fruit

Utilizing fresh fruit can result in additional product waste due to inconsistent quality, spoilage and fruit loss during the preparation process.



Because the shelf life of frozen fruit is far greater than fresh, fruits that may not currently be in season can still be found in peak ripeness.



Fresh fruits are subject to seasonal variability, making for an inconsistent and unreliable product source.


Take Your Time

With frozen fruit, you’re in control of your portions. Scoop as much as you need and the rest can stay in the freezer until you’re ready for more.


Use It or Lose It

Once fresh fruit is cut, the ripening process speeds up dramatically, which means any leftover portions must be used quickly or they will go to waste.

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Chef James is here to divulge his own tips on how you can help to fight food waste in foodservice.
Good to the Last Drop

When thawing frozen fruit, reserve the slack to use as a flavor enhancer for beverages and sauces. Think blueberry pancakes with a blueberry cinnamon syrup or BBQ chicken tacos topped with pineapple and served with a refreshing pineapple margarita.

One Recipe, Three Ways

Creating one recipe that translates across multiple dishes is a great way to not only save time back of house, but also to reduce food waste. Take for instance this simple Mango Salsa while it serves as an excellent appetizer alongside tortilla chips, it’s also the perfect complement to a salmon entrée or a mango chicken wrap.

Don't Toss It, Blend It

Often times produce is tossed simply because it’s not the ideal size or shape. Don’t toss it, blend it into a beautiful and tasty smoothie or smoothie bowl. Our DOLE Smoothie Cuts line makes sure no good fruit goes to waste, offering bulk IQF fruit in varied cut size sizes.