Sunrise Breakfast Bowl

This tropical parfait features sliced bananas, juicy mandarin oranges, crunchy granola and coconut flakes. K-12 Crediting: 1/2 cup fruit, 2.5 oz. equivalent grain, 0.5 oz. meat / meat alternative.

Sunrise Breakfast Bowl

Total TimeTotal Time: 10 minutes

ServingsServings: 8


½ cup coconut milk

2 cups plain nonfat Greek yogurt

2-½ cups DOLE Chef-Ready Cuts Sliced Bananas partially thawed

2-½ cups DOLE Mandarin Oranges drained

20 oz. granola

2 Tbsp unsweetened coconut flakes

Nutrition Facts


  1. Mix together the coconut milk and Greek yogurt in a bowl until light and smooth.
  2. Place 1/8 cup of the yogurt mixture into small serving dish or trifle dish. Create a layer of each of the ingredients: 1/8 cup mandarin oranges, 1/8 cup bananas, and 1 oz. granola on top then repeat starting again with the yogurt to form a layered treat.
  3. Garnish with 1 tsp coconut flakes. Serve chilled.

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