Dobos Torta Cake

(2021 Pairings Balkan Peninsula - Europe) From Hungary - A delicate 6-layer cake made with orange infused sponge cake, filled with layers of chocolate butter cream, topped with caramel brittle and roasted walnuts. 

Photo of Dobos Torta Cake


1 cup reserved juice from DOLE Canned Mandarin Oranges in Juice
1-3/4 cups sugar divided
2 8 inch sponge cakes premade
6 ounces mandarin simple syrup sub-recipe
8 ounces chocolate buttercream premade
2 Tablespoons water
10 each DOLE Mandarin Orange Segments drained reserve juice
as needed candied pecans premade for garnish


  1. Mandarin Orange Simple Syrup Method:

    1. Heat mandarin juice and 1 cup sugar in a small pot until sugar is dissolved.

    2. Cool and set aside for future use.

  2. Assembly Method:

    1. Cut each of the premade white cakes into 3 layers.  Begin assembling by taking one of the layers of cake and putting it on a turntable.

    2. Soak the layer of cake with 1 ounce of mandarin orange simple syrup.

    3. Spread 1 ounce of chocolate buttercream over the top of the layer, then place the next layer of cake on top and repeat until all 6 layers are frosted.  Use 1 ounce of the chocolate buttercream to crumb coat the outside of the cake, then chill for 1 hour. 

    4. While cake is chilling, place 3/4 cup sugar and a 2 Tablespoons water into a small pot and cook until amber, do not stir.  Spread caramelized sugar on a sheet tray to harden.  Once hardened, shatter into small shards.

    5. After chilling the cake use the rest of the buttercream to finish icing.

    6. Decorate the cake with the candied pecans, mandarin oranges and caramel shards.

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