Mandarin Chicken Salad

Juicy chicken breast over a crisp bed of lettuce with sweet mandarin oranges.

Photo of Mandarin Chicken Salad


27 lb. (2-1/2 gal.) chicken cooked cubed
2 lb. 6 oz. (7 cups) DOLE Seedless Raisins
9 lb. (12-3/4 cups) DOLE Mandarin Oranges drained
6 lb. 10 oz. (1 (#10) can) DOLE Pineapple Chunks drained juice reserved
106 oz. (14 cups) plain yogurt
35 oz. (4-1/2 cups) hoisin sauce
2 Tbsps. + 1 tsp. garlic powder
2 Tbsps. + 1 tsp. dry mustard
6-3/4 lb. (27 whole) sliced bananas
13-1/2 lb. (3 gal.) classic iceberg lettuce salad mix


  1. Combine chicken, raisins, oranges and pineapple. Set aside.
  2. Stir together yogurt, reserved juice, hoisin sauce, garlic and mustard.
  3. Pour yogurt dressing over chicken mixture; toss to coat. Transfer to hotel pans.
  4. Cover, chill 1 hour to blend flavors.
  5. Add bananas to chicken mixture before serving.
  6. Toss classic salad with chicken mixture until evenly coated. Serve.
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