Sunshine Chefs

Chef Tamar Poyser

Project Feeding Kids

Born in Jamaica, Chef Tamar Poyser got her start competing in culinary competitions and is a two-time winner of Rachel Ray’s “Hey You Can Cook.” Chef Poyser expanded her culinary knowledge, working in country clubs, assisted living facilities and corporate kitchens, like the NY Jets. Today she is a well sought out private chef in the Central Florida area. Her latest culinary venture, Paradise Kitchen Frozen Meals, taps into her Jamaican heritage, bringing the soul and flavors of the Caribbean islands from the freezer to the table.

Chef Poyser brought together a true feast, using DOLE Sweet and Sour 100% Juice Blend to create a tangy Sweet and Sour Sauce, which she paired with lobster egg rolls and utilized as a glaze to create Sweet and Sour Lamb Ribs. Garlic noodles and stir-fried veggies served as the sides and the meal ended with a true showstopper- a beautiful Pineapple Filled Strawberry Cake, made with DOLE Chef-Ready Cuts Diced Strawberries and Pineapple Cubes.

The charity Chef Poyser chose to partner with is Project Feeding Kids, an organization that works to help fight hunger in collaboration with Feeding America and Food Banks Canada. A donation was made on Chef Poyser’s behalf to help bring nutritious food to areas in Westchester County, NY.

Sweet and Sour Lamb Ribs