Doleicious Salsa

A sweet and spicy salsa that makes for a great topping on an assortment of foods.

Photo of Doleicious Salsa


2 cups DOLE® Chef-Ready Cuts Pineapple Cubes, thawed
1 cup DOLE Chef-Ready Cuts Mango Cubes partially thawed
1/2 cup frozen DOLE Blueberries, thawed
2 tbsp. lime juice
1 tbsp. red wine vinegar
2 tbsp. light packed brown sugar
2 tbsp. jalapeno peppers, seeded and minced
2 tbsp. fresh mint or cilantro, minced
1/3 cup DOLE Red Onion(s), minced


  1. Combine all ingredients in large bowl, stirring well.  Cover; let sit at room temperature for 20 minutes stir well, taste and adjust seasoning as needed.  Serve at room temperature.  Store covered in the refrigerator.
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