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Recipe courtesy of La Brea Bakery at Downtown Disney.

Photo of DOLE AB and J


1 oz. almond butter
1-1/2 oz. strawberry jam
2 oz. DOLE® Chef-Ready Cuts, Sliced Strawberries
2 slices multigrain bread


  1. Spread the 1 oz. almond butter on one side (1 slice) of the multigrain bread.  On the other slice, spread the 1.5 oz. of strawberry jam.
  2. Place sliced strawberries, from end to end – like little soldiers, on the slice with almond butter.  Place the jam side on top of the side/slice with almond butter and sliced DOLE Chef-Ready Cuts - Diced Strawberries.  Press for 35 seconds on sandwich press.  Place “picks” on either side of the pressed sandwich then slice in half

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