Italian Vegetarian Sandwich

A delicious combination of vegetables and pineapple with a Italian flare.

Photo of Italian Vegetarian Sandwich


1-1/4 cups mayonnaise
4 teaspoons Italian dried herb seasoning
24 slices whole wheat bread
12 slices Havarti or Monterey Jack Cheese
12 each DOLE® Butter or Iceberg Lettuce Leaves
2 to 3 each cucumber, thinly sliced
2-1/2 cups alfalfa sprouts
2-1/2 cups prepared roasted red bell pepper,drained and cut in strips
24 each DOLE Pineapple Slices, drained


  1. Mix together mayonnaise and Italian seasoning.
  2. Spread on 1 slice of bread, seasoned mayonnaise.  Layer 1 slice cheese, 1 lettuce leaf, cucumber slices, sprouts and red pepper strips.  Top with pineapple slices and slice of bread.
  3. Mix together mayonnaise and Italian seasoning.
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