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8/30 oz. Mango

DOLE® Chef- Ready Frozen Mango Purée is made with simple ingredients for straight forward fruit flavor, allowing for not only the truest perception of flavor, but also the greatest range of application.

  • High Quality
  • Available Year Round
  • Consistent Taste & Texture
  • Ready to Use for Labor Saving Benefits
  • 2 Year Shelf Life

Whether it is creating a Mango Chili Limeade behind the bar, a Mango Chili Glaze for a chicken breast or a simple and delicious Mango Syrup to top a cheesecake, mango purée adds premium flavor and a vibrant touch to any dish.

Case UPC: 100-71202-10502-9
Unit UPC: 0-71202-10502-2
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