Welcome to the next stop on our journey Around the Globe with Dole. On this leg of the tour we will explore the flavors of Africa, focusing on two distinct regions – Sub-Saharan Africa and the East African Islands. We hope you enjoy your food journey and look forward to seeing you at our next destination, coming in November 2020.

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Some of today’s most beloved cooking techniques including deep-frying and slow-cooking were actually introduced by the Sub-Saharan Africans. Staple ingredients and spices of this region include plantains, tomatoes, rice, garlic, ginger and nutmeg, making for a heavily plant-forward cuisine.


Pineapple & Hibiscus Infused African Tea (Pineapple Zobo)

An aromatic tea infused with cinnamon, ginger, hibiscus and pineapple.

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Senegalese Chicken & Mango Stew (Chicken & Mango Maffe Stew)

A hearty entrée featuring warm spices, basmati rice, green peas, pineapple and mango topped off with crispy, fried plantains.

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Nigerian Fish Stew (Oje Eja Tutu)

An aromatic stew featuring mango millet topped with a peach and red pepper broth, crispy fried snapper and finished with fresh micro greens.

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With influences from several different cultures, East African cuisine consists of a melting pot of ingredients and cooking techniques. Spices are considered a key component of East African cooking and are heavily relied on for producing a robust, pure flavor.


Sweet & Spicy African Fruit Salad (Satini)

A blend of green papaya, tart diced apples, sweet mango, crisp carrots and fresh cilantro make for a light and delicious fruit salad, finished with a sweet and spicy pineapple chili vinaigrette.

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Vegetarian Pineapple Fritters with Pineapple Sauce (Mofo-Anana with Pineapple Sakay)

A crispy vegetarian fritter served with a Pineapple Sakay sauce featuring chilis, garlic, ginger, turmeric, pineapple and lime juice.

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Madagascan Breakfast Pancake (Mofo Gasy)

A mango-infused breakfast cake topped with a fruity mango coconut honey and finished with toasted coconut.

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