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Overripe fruit, product waste, and loss of time are factors that can have a negative impact on your bottom line. Striving to keep Operators' interests in mind, Dole's foodservice team has developed a Fruit Cost Savings Calculator to display the savings incurred by using DOLE Fresh Frozen and Packaged Fruits. With unparalleled quality and labor savings for your operation, Dole provides limitless menu versatility with perfectly ripe fruit every time!

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FREE Dole Cost Comparison Slide Rule

Use our handheld Cost Comparison Slide Rule to see and show the savings with DOLE Fresh Frozen Fruit. With 100% usable fruit, no labor or waste, slide to see your savings. Simply Click Here for a FREE Slide Rule!

*Note: The prices automatically populating into the fields are based on the following assumptions. Fresh Delivered price to operator on 6/15/16. Frozen sell prices based on Dole 9/6/15 price list + typical distributor margin for delivery to operator. Can and Pouch selling prices based on Dole 1/29/16 price list + typical distributor margin for delivery to operator. Lbs/Fruit from factory and confirmed retail produce. Berries are .5 or 1 pint baskets. Labor calculated at $10/hr and Spoilage confirmed by Dole Chef. This calculator is meant for food cost estimates only. The calculations are only as accurate as the information supplied.